(We require (1) lease guarantee for each tenant. They will be required to complete a lease guarantee form.)

By signing this application you are giving Melrose on Fourth & Brooklyn Heights Apartments, LLC permission to do a
criminal history check and or credite check if they decide to do so. Decisions made based on those findings are at Melrose on
Fourth & Brooklyn Heights Apartments, LLC discretion.
I certify that the facts in this application are true and correct to the best of my knowledge. I authorize investigation of all
information given, references listed, all information concerning my previous history/present information and any other
pertinent information that they may have, personal or otherwise. I understand that obtaining residency by false statements
or representation may be cause for eviction. This application shall be valid for the entire term of the lease, as well as
subsequent terms or renewals. If changes to this information occur, please contact our office.